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Constance B. Thyroid

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Lynda Leverich from Sussex County, NJ

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Thyroid Finally Diagnosed!!!!!

I have been treated by a few different endocrinologists over a period of 9 years for hypothyroidism. My condition was declining, and my medication was no longer working for me. I searched online for yet another doctor when I found MFC Center for Health. Through the extensive blood work that is done at MFC, Dr. Farley told me I had an auto immune disease- Hashimoto’s. This complete blood panel was never suggested by any of my former doctors; therefore, going undiagnosed, no doubt, a long time.

After a short period of time at MFC, I began to notice a significant change in the way I felt, having more energy, sleeping better, losing weight, which I struggled with for years. Back and neck pain was also an issue for me. Dr. Farley applied his technique of “torque release” on my neck, back, and hips. The stiffness and pain are now gone and I can move about much easier.

The wellness plan that was implemented for me is amazing! I am now feeling ‘on top of things’! In addition, the entire staff at MFC is not only very pleasant, always making you feel comfortable and are very understanding as well. MFC has worked with me when it came to having a busy work schedule, giving me the opportunity to have my visits before I start my work day. I consider myself a very fortunate lady having found MFC!
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Thyroid Finally Working!!!!!

“Today, August 18Th, 2014, I feel great. My initial problem was thyroid: always feeling achy, tired, and feeling like I was gaining weight in my sleep. When I first wrote my testimonial I was 2 weeks into the program and at that time felt well. Now, almost 3 months in, I feel great. Medications were good, but why was I still feeling terrible? 3 months into this program I have lost 33 lbs, but above all I feel healthy. I have learned to eat correctly while working on the program, my fogging brain has come to life. Besides feeling like a new person, I have received compliments about me weight loss as well as my skin looking so good and younger; which is also a plus. I know the weight loss is not the main goal; but without that weight and feeling good, my attitude and energy level is at the top. I also was able to find out that I was gluten intolerant, this was a big issue. Working with Dr. Farley, I feel great, full of energy, and like a new person!

-Susan Ormsby-Cuozzo (Principal Probation Officer)

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thyroidtestimonial“What first brought me to MFC Center for Health was my lack of energy and my medications were not working. I found out about MFC Center for Health through an AD in the newspaper. In the past, I had tried different doctors and even went to an endocrinologist. I have suffered with my condition for about 10-12 years. I began to notice a change/improvement with my condition within 1-2 weeks after starting care. I have now been able to enjoy my day to the fullest without relying on energy drinks. An unanticipated benefit I noticed from being under care was that I lost 40lbs and less stiffness in my legs. What I like most about the office is that it’s clean and the staff is professional and courteous. My friends and family have noticed how much weight I’ve lost; they are so proud! I have been able to refer people to the office, its great!”

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Looking Younger!!!!

I have struggled with health issues over the last 35 plus years. Always active, ate reasonably well, felt like I was doing the right things but problems continued to develop. Acid Reflux led to bone issues from the medicine, weight gain, fuzzy head, poor memory and lack of concertation worsened. I had lost motivation to actively live life. Then discovered I had thyroid issues. Three months ago I had a vertigo attack, a symptom of the thyroid and it scared me, so I frantically searched the web for help. The first thing to pop up was Dr. Farley’s video. It was about the Thyroid, I’m not one to watch a video but I did in this moment. Most thankful, Dr. Farley is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share it. He is completely loyal to his passion about helping people. He took physical tests, blood tests and reviewed everything with me, explaining in detail. SO unlike any doctor, who just tells me to take a pill. Within two weeks I had results. More energy, no fuzzy head and much more confident to take on the new job that brought me to New Jersey. There is no price I could put on my health. My family depends on me for provision. I am so thankful to feel good again and my family thinks I look not just healthy but younger. Can’t get that in a bottle.

- Carole K.

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Thyroid Treatment Success Video Testimonials


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Annette L. Edison, NJ

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Magaly Descalzi

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Thyroid and Many Chronic Conditions – Rosalind Jeffries, from Teaneck, NJ

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Cora Stephenson from Harrison, NJ

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Kathy Jeltema from West NY, NJ

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Joan Ford from Budd Lake, NJ

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Stacy Moore Thyroid Testimonial

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Thyroid Treatment Cedar Knolls

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Hashimotos Patient with Severe Neuropathy

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Patient with Under active Thyroid describes results

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Thyroid Treatment

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Hypothyroid patient:

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This patient was a young man 18yrs old. His life was changed and he was a pleasure to help. This card was sent by his loving mother 1 year post treatment. Kims-thank-you-card

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The 7 Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Thyroid Condition!

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had this condition for many years you have the ability to stop the demise and deterioration. Many thyroid patients are undiagnosed and misdiagnosed and never get help because they’re told nothing is wrong. Even if they are diagnosed and start medication for most they only get temporary changes or no help at all. I’ve consulted with children, young and older patients all reporting this to me. If all you do is watch your TSH levels and manipulate medication you can never hope to heal yourself, you may change your TSH but not correct the root usually hidden causes of your problem.

  • Secret #1- The thyroid is run by the brain so all thyroid dysfunction needs to begin there. To look at the thyroid without looking at the brain controlling top and down level of function is a dead end.
  • Secret #2- Most hypothyroid patients are actually autoimmune thyroid patients. Without knowing this information you will be forever susceptible to getting worse, chronic pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer, MS, ALS and other conditions.
  • Secret #3- The model of measuring TSH only is not comprehensive enough to track or monitor how your current treatments are working. You need better and deeper testing.
  • Secret #4- Synthroid may be needed by some, but actually turns off thyroid production over time and may make your problem worse.
  • Secret #5- If you have any odd gastro intestinal problems from acid reflex, GERD, constipation, bloating, ulcerative colitis, crohns disease and irritable bowel syndrome can be a massive insight into correcting your root functional cause of your thyroid dysfunction.
  • Secret #6- If you’ve tired Iodine supplements his may be the worst thing you could do. It may set up a rage of attack on your thyroid and cause Hurricane sandy damage.
  • Secret #7- If you have blood pressure problems, cholesterol elevation or blood sugar (hypoglycemia or diabetes), you may have a brain pathway that is triggers these problems and short circuitry your thyroid.

You need to find innovative and update scientific approach to thyroid dysfunction. The current model of TSH measuring and synthroid replacement is more than 30 years old. You deserve to find a doctor trained in finding root functional causes and feel better. You need to ask the doctor if TSH and synthroid is the only options he or she offers and if yes, find another doctor. Your life and health are at stake here and others just like you are now experiencing relief and healing. They’re getting their lives back and minds clear and ending the depressive moods.

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By Dr. James Farley DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM