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The 8 Hidden Causes your doctor won’t tell you about your Parkinsons Condition!

The word Parkinson’s can cause a shiver down anyone’s spine with the impending fear of total neuro-degeneration, and future disability, both mentally & physically.

Many Parkinson’s patients are diagnosed very late, when in fact early soft signs were apparent 10 to 30 years prior to the diagnosis.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, the renowned Neuro-Surgeon, states that the drug mainstay treatment that most patients will receive will almost guarantee they will get worse in 2-5 years, and it even appears to speed the deterioration! “Get worse” and “speed the deterioration”… doesn’t sound like great odds.

In our offices we have identified 8 hidden root functional causes of Parkinson’s, that must be (and can be) accurately measured to get a proper root functional cause diagnosis. Once we have an accurate root functional cause diagnosis, we can then design a custom treatment plan aimed at getting you lasting results, to prevent further decline and restore function for many patients that qualify.

  • Hidden Cause #1 - Lack of activation- the brain needs physical stimulation (activation) from the body. Have you been checked for this- most Parkinsons patients report no!
  • Hidden Cause #2 - Low oxygen or anemia. Our office finds that almost 90% of patients have mild to severe low oxygen and anemia they have never been tested for or treated for!
  • Hidden Cause #3 - Stable blood sugar is a factor in all chronic diseases. Have you had glucose, HGAIC, LDH, BUN, Triglycerides and a detailed blood sugar questionnaire filled out. It would be rare that this is not a problem for most Parkinsons patients.
  • Hidden Cause #4 - Liver Detoxification Issues- The liver detoxes 90% of all toxins. If you have a weak dysfunctional liver then this needs to be addressed.
  • Hidden Cause #5 - Essential fatty acids and cholesterol levels. Good fats are needed for the brain. 25% of the total brain is made up of cholesterol. Are you taking statins to lower your cholesterol? If yes, this can be a root functional cause for you.
  • Hidden Cause #6 - Low glutathione and SOD. These are extremely important at protecting your brain cells. If you have low levels of these then future degeneration is a definite. You need to know this!
  • Hidden Cause #7 - GI problems with or with out symptoms. The GI houses 85% of the immune system. The immune system is a big big problem for 100% of Parkinsons patients, because a sustained inflammatory response is critical to correct.
  • Hidden Cause #8 - Poor Methlylation- This process requires that our bodies make enough methyl groups or CH3. Without these CH3 methylation groups our brains break down and can never get healthy.

It is critical that you find an up to date doctor to help you identify and correct all your root functional causes. To simply not address these, and to instead treat only the symptoms, doesn’t seem to work for most patients after 2 to 5 years, and you are likely even speeding up your neuro-degeneration and speeding your deterioration.

The Neuro-Biomedicine approach we use is safe, comprehensive and scientific. We usually see positive results in 2 to 4 weeks.

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