Creating healABILITY For Dementia/ Alzheimer’s: Neuro-Degeneration

Dr. James F. Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM

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The 9 areas your doctor hasn’t looked, to find the hidden root causes to your dementia problems.

#1 Anemia: I’ve found low grade anemia in almost 90% of cases I’ve run blood tests on. Anemia can be much more than simple iron anemia. If you doctor misses the other 2 most common types you cannot get well.

#2 Chronic Systemic Inflammation: Chronic inflammation has been shown to create chronic brain inflammation. The chronic brain inflammation over time destroys brain tissue. This needs to be a top priority and fast! Has your doctor run inflammation blood tests?

#3 Intoxication from Other Drugs/ Medicine: Many people are taking drug cocktails. Literally 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more drugs all not being monitored for dangerous interactions. They all may deplete the liver’s ability to detoxify and can be a major source of mental decline.

#4 Autoimmune Reactions to the Brain: Have you been tested for an autoimmune attack on your brain? Sometimes for various reasons our immune system (80% is in our guts!) loses the ability to recognize our own cells and it attacks and destroys them. Most common autoimmune attackers are: thyroid, diabetes, cerebellum, and brain! You need to get tested for this.

#5 Chronic Methylation Issues: Methylation is a process of converting water soluble substances in the body/brain to fat soluble. If you’re a poor methylator your brain, nerves, immune system, and muscles will all breakdown.

#6 Stable Blood Sugar: No you do not need to be a full blown diabetic to have unstable blood sugar. If the blood sugar is not stable you cannot achieve good brain function.

#7 Lack of Activation: The brain requires constant physical stimulation and activation from the receptors located mainly in the skin, muscles, and joints. If areas in your body are not sending proper signals then through neuro-plasticity our brains decline and die.

#8 Thyroid Undiagnosed: Over 90% of thyroid cases are improperly misdiagnosed. Those cases have extremely negative influences on overall brain function and can create rapid decline.

Although Alzheimer’s in the most common cause of dementia, it cannot be properly diagnosed without an autopsy. We assume that if we find abnormalities in any of the above 8 areas we can be of help to stop the decline and in many cases completely reverse the process.

#9 Dementia/ Alzheimer’s and Genetics: Genetic mutations are said to be the cause of almost all allopathic medical diagnosis even when the scientific literature does NOT support this. The term epigenetics was coined by Dr. Conrad Waddington. The field of epigenetics was established first in the 1960’s by Dr. Joel Wallach. In 2003 it was later cemented in stone by an experiment using agouti mice created by Professor Randy Jirtle and his student Robert Waterland. The field of epigenetics has demonstrated, has clearly been proven scientifically from the human genome project that less than 5% of all diseases are genetic but 95% are epigenetic. This means you can identify, modify epigenetic factors, and change some function. You and I are NOT doomed by the degenerative genetic “theory” of disease. The epigenetic “science” of diseases has disproven this.

Our office has developed a neuro-biomedicine approach to document and identify all of your root functional cases that are creating low healABILITY. Once identified we have a plan of attack to raise healABILITY and improve brain function.