Chronic Pain and Fatigue in Cedar Knolls NJ

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Is your pain not changing? You probably need a new doctor!

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition with many emotional and psychological consequences. It slowly but surely drains your energy, enthusiasm and life. You may feel like a zombie from all the drugs you’ve tried that have only offered little if any help. You may pray daily for help from above and yet no change occurs. You may feel like this is your cross to bare-its not!!

chronicpainThere are 6 hidden areas
That most doctors don’t know
That are causing your pain.

Hidden area #1- Acid- base balance in the body can create massive pain at a local a local area like a knee, neck, back, shoulder or all over type pains described as myalgia, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc….

Hidden area #2- It’s the brain dummy! All pain is medicated by the brain and if the brain becomes sensitized or trained for pain it needs to be updated and changed so you can get relief.

Hidden area #3- Liver dysfunction can create many problems and contribute to pain. The liver can also become confused and unable to work properly from many factors.

Hidden area #4- Essential fatty acid imbalance. Most Americans have a 30:1 ratio of bad vs. good fatty acids. Chronic pain patients have a 50:1 ratio! P.S. Fish oil isn’t the answer either.

Hidden area #5- Gastrointestinal dysfunction with or many times without GI symptoms can cause major immune imbalances and chronic pain.

Hidden area #6- Sugar Imbalances. Hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes or dysglycemia can be disrupted and never let you become pain free or live a good day.

You need to stop looking at these problems as local neck, back, knee, shoulder, foot problems and look for root functional causes. Find all the causes you can with the right doctor and squash each cause and watch your pain melt away. Life can be regained. Reliance on drugs is dangerous and addicting to many. You deserve good feeling days, a clear zombie free mind and enjoying the things you use to do.

By Dr. James Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM