The TOP 9 Causes of Cancer
You’ll never hear a word about from your doctor or oncologist.

They’re actually the secrets never talked about. The diagnosis of cancer is shocking. I’ve personally had many people in my family with cancer. My grandmother, mother, and mother in-law all died from cancer. When I was young NO ONE had cancer. My grandmother, in 1974, died in her home when I was about 7 years old. No hospice needed, no hospital, just family all helping out and waiting for god to take her soul. Besides her no other family member, no other friends, no teachers, no coaches, no one else I can remember had or died from cancer! So what happened that created all this cancer. Stats for 2017 are totally dismal to say the least. As per the American Cancer Society. Almost 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer and 600,920 people will die from cancer. We’ve had the war on cancer since Nixon in the 1970’s and these are our stats- terrible, dismal, pathetic to say the least. The cost of cancer is estimated in 2020 at 250 BILLION dollars. More people getting cancer, more people dying, and more money spent, and NO RESULTS! Newly approved drugs with these dismal results are now topping 100,000 per month. I’m a big believer in good investments. These stats question these huge investment amounts. A shift needs to happen, that asks deeper questions on why we are getting cancer and why are the results for the standard treatments so bad. (Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.)

Your decision about your treatment and how you handle your health is between you and god, not you and your doctor. You need to think non-emotionally otherwise you or I may undergo treatments that have devastating side-effects. Dr. Ralph Moss, who worked in the cancer industry was quoted in 1994.”In the end, there is no proof that chemotherapy actually extends life in the vast majority of cases, and this is the great lie about chemotherapy, that somehow there is a correlation between shrinking a tumor and extending the life of the patient.” We should be asking will I outlive someone who has not done this and by how much time. If that makes sense to you and you decided that the side effects outweigh the risks, than that is your choice and should be supported. There is just one problem with that decision, the original causes of the cancer needs to be addressed, or it will not go away or it will RETURN/RELASPE. The person needs a customized plan not a protocol. Every patient needs a custom plan to find all the causes and address all the causes specific to them. Protocols are for cars, custom plans are for people. The protocol results produce 1.7 million new cancer diagnoses and 600,000 people dying each year.

The top causes I’ve seen in the scientific literature that you will never hear about from your doctor:

#1 Diets high in sugar/carbohydrates

Did you know that to make a diagnosis of cancer you’re given a glass of sugar filled with radioactive material. You drink the sugar and your cancer cells love it. They uptake the sugar at 50-100X the normal rate of healthy cells. The dye gets taken up also. You then get a CT to measure this and the hot spots seen are considered cancer. Why have you NOT been told to get tested to measure blood sugar dysglycemia issues and remove sugar/carbs from your diet?

#2 Environmental causes of cancer have drastically caused cancer rates. According to the 2008- 2009 Presidents Cancer Panel

Top Environmental concerns:
  • Pesticides/ herbicides/ GMO foods
  • Plastics
  • Cell phone use/ high voltage towers
  • Industrial/ manufacturing containments
  • CT Scans- they produce almost the same amount of radiation as standing 2000-3000 yards from the center of the Hiroshima atomic bomb drop. Yes you read that right! Total radiation exposure from medical sources is now 48% in 1993 versus 15% in the 1980’s. CT’s went from 18 million to over 68 million in 07. This 14 year span showed a 50 million CT scan increase. If we estimate the scans increase again that would mean that in 2017 we MAY be able to estimate another 35 million CT scans making it a whopping 103 million, or a 570% increase!
  • Pharmaceuticals in our drinking water from patients taking all the drugs, urinating and polluting our water. They found antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, diabetes, anticonvulsants, steroids, oral contraceptives, hormone replacements, codeine, non-prescription pain relievers, chemo drugs, heart medications, and of course antibiotics!
  • Military sources of toxic occupational and environmental causes. Example: agent orange. Have you been tested for any of these?

#3 Low cellular voltage

Each healthy cell should maintain a 20-25 reading. If you have low voltage it creates unhealthy cells. This low voltage can have numerous causes.

#4 Weak Mitochondria

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. If you have weak mitochondria they can epigenetically signal your cellular DNA and cause abnormal genetic shifts, this equals CANCER.

#5 Alcohol

Alcohol intake have been found to be a category I cause of breast cancer. This is the same category I given to smoking for lung cancer. Stop all the wine ladies- high in sugar + alcohol= increases in cancer, especially of the breast.

#6 Poor gut Dybiosis

Did you know that there are 6 areas in the body that house the regularity of the immune system. Your gut houses approximately 80-85%. So yes GERD, irritable bowel, colitis, constipation, gassy/ bloating etc, all need to be addressed for good immune function. Chronic pain always means a gut problem and a gut problem always means abnormal immune function.

#7 Methylation deficiencies

This is the #1 Epigenetic cause of cancer studied in the science. Has anyone mentioned this to you, of course not they never do. This methylation process controls what genes are turned on (oncogenes) and what ones are turned off (tumor suppressing genes.) This is a must to measure to see if this is a problem for your cause of cancer.

#8 Psychoneuroimmunology

The brain and emotions control our immune responses good and bad. We measure this process.

#9 Autonomic Nervous system balance

In a healthy autonomic nervous system you should have 90% output of parasympathetic and 10% sympathetic. Many things cause this imbalance but it is essential. We measure this process. Recent studies have shown that WHEN PARASYMPATHETIC TONE IS HIGH THE CANCER STAGE IS NO LONGER PREDICTS TUMOR BURDEN. . This was shown in prostate and colorectal. This was published in the J Bio/Regul/Homeostasis 2014 April- June on PubMed.

To survive cancer you need to be as proactive as possible. You need to explore all avenues and you need to make informed decisions with you and your family members. Whether you’ve done chemo, radiation and surgery or not you need a full personalized approach. If you qualify we can help identify causes and set up an exact root functional cause diagnosis and then design a comprehensive treatment plan based on you, your body, your cancer and your health needs…NOT protocols. Oh yeah, one last vital point. Less than 5% of all cancers are genetic! Take action to find the causes and don’t let the fear of genetics incapacitate you, the research doesn’t support that “theory.” We can help find actually physiological causes.

To your health,
Dr. Farley, DC, MS, BA, BS, FAAIM

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