Autoimmune Conditions in Cedar Knolls NJ

“Oh My, I Was Diagnosed With An Autoimmune Disease”

Thyroid, Blood, GI Tract, Nerves, Lungs, Skin, Muscles, Bones, Brain

All of these autoimmune diseases are very scary and suddenly you feel like you at last have some answers as to why you were feeling so badly and had all of these weird symptoms. Well the diagnosis of autoimmune is only the beginning, now you need a plan on how to improve and correct yourself so that you don’t become totally debilitated by your autoimmune condition. This problem of autoimmune disease is a MAJOR EPIDEMIC. 1 in 24 men and 1 in 12 women have full blown out stage 3 autoimmune diseases in the USA. These statistics don’t account for stage 1 silent autoimmune or stage 2 autoimmune disorders. If these 2 stages were included we may be talking about 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men that have autoimmune diseases.

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So the first thing to understand is that autoimmune means the immune system is out of balance and now its attacking different tissues in your body. The more tissue damages the more symptoms, pathology, health decline and suffering.

Creating healABILITY is essential for the autoimmune patient. We don’t have to stop at the medical diagnosis- NO THAT’S JUST THE STARTING POINT. The medical diagnosis doesn’t address your root functional causes. Without finding these it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll get worse, keep deteriorating and suffering until you finally are forced onto Corticosteroids and chemotherapy drug; both which help some, but come with massive side-effects. I have consulted with over 300 cases of autoimmune patients and none were aware of their specific root functional causes. Not one was aware that they needed to drastically find out about these or this that this deterioration that was happening inside their bodies could cause rapid demise and early death. They also believe that their genes cause these problems and they were minimally correct on this. They also didn’t know where 70% of the immune system was and how to help it calm down, balance and stop the aggressive attacks on their tissues.

If you feel trapped, are worried for yourself or feeling trapped or are worried for yourself, family member or friend and are scared of the side-effects you’re getting or will get then call for your FREE report today. It will be refreshing and insightful- I promise. Call to request your report, stop waiting and start moving forward and LIVING AGAIN NOW!

By Dr. James Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM